By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Mark Acheson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Ralph Carson (Deceased 2021)  
Michael Comerford (Deceased 2007)  
Timothy Fong (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joseph Galus (Deceased 2009)  
Walter Hanza (Deceased Year Unknown)
Bryon Hori (Deceased Year Unknown)
James McClory (Deceased 2017)  
John McNair (Deceased 2020)
Timothy Nolan (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Edward Ozaki (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Andrew Perez (Deceased Year Unknown)
Martin Pufpaf (Deceased 2011)  
Julian Ramirez (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Serwatka (Deceased 2005)
Martin Sexton (Deceased 2023)  
Walter Terry (Deceased 2013)
Kenneth Trebilco (Deceased 2023)
Keith Warner (Deceased 2005)
Daniel Wedner (Deceased 1985)

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